Key man Insurance

You’ve just lost a key executive or key employee, through death or accident. How will your business survive? Over 90% of companies have 10 or less employees so at least one of these people is bound to be a key employee. With Keyman Insurance the company could survive the financial loss of a key individual.  The money from the policy can be used to provide compensation for the loss in profits as a result of the keyman’s death or illness.  This would allow the company time to train another employee to take over or recruit a new suitably qualified applicant.


To put things into perspective, 1 in 5 men will suffer a critical illness before retirement age.  If your business employs 10 people then there’s a 20% chance it could effect the running of the business.


Get in touch with us today to sort out your insurance needs. Our consultant can take you through the cover at a premium, which fairly reflects your cover choices.



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