Products & Services wants to assist small and medium enterprises (SME), their owners and senior executives in the UAE. Even though SMEs are commercially savvy they are low on risk awareness. In fact, Insurance is mostly neglected by SMEs.


Not having the appropriate insurance is a mistake and could cause a disaster for the operation and survival of the SME. A number of insurances are mandatory under the law of the UAE. However, some coverage, although still optional in the UAE, can be crucial for a business to protect sensitive assets, critical cashflow and investment. For example, what would happen to your business in the event of death or a serious disability to you or a co-owner or a key employee? We help our clients to identify the best products, tailor cover for start-ups, sole traders and small businesses. also includes other services that add direct value to SMEs.


Wills & Estate planning is critical for individuals and businesses as the UAE adheres to Sharia Law. Hence, the law of inheritance and passing on ownerships and assets requires careful consideration. Disregarding a Will may lead to grave consequences like the freezing of bank accounts and unwanted allocation of assets.


We will constantly add new services and hope that we can continue supporting the SME community in its endeavour to build a solid foundation in the UAE.

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