5 reasons to get a Will

  1. You are automatically subject to unclear UAE regulation as to inheritance/succession issues for expats.
  2. You do not have any valid and recognized EVIDENCE OF YOUR INTENTIONS – without a Will courts have a choice, whether to apply Sharia Law or Laws of your home country.
  3. If Courts apply Sharia Law the implications can be:
    1. Courts choose an executor on your behalf.
    2. Courts can intervene and where you have children CAN APPOINT guardians even if the mother is surviving.
    3. The distribution of the estate may be contrary to your wishes; as Sharia Law involves fixed ratios to be distributed to legal heirs.eg Wife only receives 1/8 of the total estate.
  4. Bank accounts and assets get frozen.
  5. Visas cancelled for spouse and your dependants.
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